About Suraj

The author, Suraj Kothiyal, hails from Dehradun with his family roots belonging to the Himalya region. His grandfather, who came to Dehradun from his home in Himalyas at an age of 13, serves as an inspiration for his debut novel, The lost devtas.

His grandfather studied in darbaar and later on joined the Indian army. His parents are teacher in government schools while brother works in a software firm in Gurgaon.

He has done his schooling from Dehradun. He has done his mechanical engineering and his MBA in marketing from Maharashtra. He has total corporate experience of five years. He was campus placed in PepsiCo and moved to Dehradun when he got the opportunity to work with Bausch and Lomb.


His job as sales manager in Bausch and lomb gave him the opportunity to travel to various parts of Uttarakhand and get more knowledge about different customs and culture. Apart from marketing, Suraj has keen interest in writing. He has been writing since childhood.


Initially the hobby started out as writing poems in Hindi for school magazine. There was a brief separation during the college days but he resumed his interest in writing when he started his professional career.


He conceptualized the idea for his first book, on a visit to Rishikesh. The book took him two years to complete and a lot of research went into it. His love of poetry continues and his collection of Hindi poems can be seen on his personal blog that goes by “poems.surajkothiyal.com”.

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